Calling all Chocoholics

Where better to live than in a place called The Chocolate Works? This prestige development of 1-4 bedroomed homes and apartments is built on the site of the former Terry’s Chocolate factory only minutes away from York racecourse.

Unfortunately, the waft of chocolate orange is unlikely to reach you these days, but Vortice will ensure that your energy efficient home will have superb air quality due to its range of intermittent extract fans.

David Wilson who have recently been named ‘House Builder of the Year’ at the Yorkshire Residential Property Awards 2015, are installing the Vort Quadro and Punto Filo range of ventilation products.

Both ranges are unobtrusive, modern in their design and are energy efficient. The Punto Filo is ideal to mount directly through a wall whilst the Vort Quadro is suitable to be ducted to a roof tile. Ease of maintenance is also a key feature on the Vortice fans with the Vort Quadro having an easily removable washable filter.

Roy Brown, Area Business Manager said:

“We want to show housebuilders that we can offer a project managed service at Vortice. We see a project through from the design stage right up to assisting the homeowner with maintenance advice and home packs. We are delighted to be able to offer this assistance on the Chocolate Works site.”

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