BSRIA applauds house that costs £15 a year to run

BSRIA has applauded a four-bedroomed house in Merseyside that costs £15.00 a year to run.

The house, valued at £240,000, has cladding and thick insulation on top and all around that traps heat and recycles it via a ventilation system. Under floor heating keeps the bathroom and downstairs floors comfortable.

The heat is generated by a unit which captures warmth from the air outside. Solar panels generate power and cash because excess electricity is sold back to the grid. The house isn’t a science project but a working family home. The house was built by the owner.

Jo Harris, Head of Sustainable Construction Group, said:

“We understand that the owner pays virtually nothing for his power. This is clearly a great example of energy efficiency at its best that should be used as a shining example within the industry and BSRIA fully admires this low cost and low carbon approach. Indeed, the house uses technology that could help us all achieve a lower carbon and lower cost future. Evidently, there are lessons to be learned for the construction industry here. This property works as an interesting and useful case study.

Projects like this give us hope that we can achieve low energy buildings. There are more good news stories needed and if you want to help BRSIA inspire the next generation of engineers, please keep these case studies in circulation.”

To coincide with its 60th anniversary, BSRIA recently launched its INSPIRE commemorative publication which looks at 120 engineers of the past and present to show their achievements and the great impact they’ve had on – not just the industry – but the world. To go alongside this, BSRIA has narrowed down the engineers to a list of 15 for the industry to vote on – who has been – and continues to be the most influential engineer.

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The survey will be open until 31st December 2015 and results will be published in early 2016.