Brexit: More NFB members want to leave the EU than remain

The National Federation of Builders (NFB), the most representative trade federation in the construction industry, asked a panel of 100 members whether they would like to remain in the EU.

When asked if their business would benefit, 47% said their business would benefit more from being outside the EU, with 33% stating that remaining would be of greater benefit.

There was a slight shift in opinion when asked if the UK would benefit from being in or out of the EU. Here, 43% said they would like to leave versus 39% for staying and 18% undecided.

Paul Bogle, the NFB’s head of policy and research, said:

“The NFB has a very broad membership that touches all areas of construction, including house building. Given impartial information, NFB members prove they can deliver local value while maintaining a global perspective.”

The NFB has been providing its members with weekly briefings on different EU issues, such as trade agreements, skills, immigration and the impact of EU legislation. These impartial documents are designed to support our members and help them make sense of some of the inflammatory messages the referendum debate has generated.