Blue Circle’s leading cements and packed product solutions

Founded in 1900, Tarmac Blue Circle Cement is the UK’s leading supplier of bagged, ready-to-use and bulk cement. The ‘One of the Family’ range is widely chosen as a high-quality and reliable cementitious solution for building, infrastructure and DIY.

With more than 100 years of cement manufacturing and supply, and sites across the UK and Ireland, Blue Circle is at the forefront of cement manufacturing and supply, promoting efficient building across its entire portfolio. From developing new products, to ensuring that packaging is functional and sustainable, Blue Circle is continually developing its ‘One of the Family’ range to ensure outstanding results in all building and landscaping applications.

Versatile, ready-to-use products, fast setting cement and hard wearing concretes, the ‘One of the Family’ range can support all types of application. Discover the power of Blue Circle:

  • Mastercrete – The reliable one
    Mastercrete is ideal for general purpose work and is suitable for use in concretes, bricklaying, floor screeds and renders. It also has improved resistance to freeze attack when compared to traditional cement.
  • Postcrete – The easy one
    A durable, ready-to-use product formulated for fixing wooden, concrete and metal fence posts. A quick and easy to use solution that requires no mixing and sets in under 10 minutes.
  • Slablayer Plus – The secure one
    Slablayer Plus provides a durable, solid bed for slabs and tiles. Similar to Postcrete, this solution is ready-to-use with no mixing needed – simply pour straight from the bag. This product also has a shelf-life of up to nine months, allowing re-use in multiple jobs.
  • Masterlay – The level one
    The latest addition to Blue Circle’s ‘One of the Family’ range, Masterlay is an easy-to-apply, self-levelling floor mix that effortlessly creates smooth and even internal floor surfaces.

Not just products, but a commitment to sustainability.

Alongside product innovation, the iconic Blue Circle packaging plays a very important role. The weatherproof packaging allows cement to be stored outside in all weather, saving product waste and indoor storage space. Plus, with 50% recycled materials already in use, we’re paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Transform your projects with Blue Circle