Bathroom support

A new solution is being brought to market to enable stylish options to support people as they begin to need additional care in daily life.

Closomat, Britain’s brand leader in helpful toileting, can now offer a complete package to create a bathroom that can be easily and simply altered to accommodate assistive technology as the occupant requires. It can minimise- or eliminate- care support provision, optimising independence and dignity. The package can be accessed as a whole, or by individual components.

The Closomat accessible bathroom focuses on the new look Vita range of wash & dry (bidet) toilets. A rail system can be added around the bathroom walls, onto which can be added, as required, a washbasin- static or height-adjustable, grab rails, support arms, changing bench and a shower seat. A complimentary X/Y track hoist system can be ceiling-mounted, or supported on slimline gantry legs, to facilitate transfer around the room- and beyond.

Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager explains:

“The bathroom is the most common area for adaptation in a home as people age or become less able,”

“It makes sense, especially when developing properties particularly for supported, assisted living, to design in, from the outset, the flexibility to cost-efficiently alter and adapt the room to accommodate the occupant’s changing needs.

“Our accessible bathroom package enables developers to address the issue, with style, and in a way that can add value, and enable the room to be tailored to individual requirements without major alterations or disruption.”

The Closomat Vita range of wash & dry toilets look like, and can be used as, conventional WCs. They all feature integral washing and drying so, if required, or preferred, the user, or their carer, doesn’t have to wipe clean with toilet tissue. The range encompasses the floor-mounted Palma Vita- the biggest-selling unit of its kind in the UK, the wall-hung Lima Vita and height adjustable Lima Lifter. A range of accessories enables tailoring of the toilet initially or retrospectively to each user’s needs.

Closomat is also the only British manufacturer of such toilets, and the only one that can offer UK sales and technical support with in-house, nationwide service & maintenance across the accessible bathroom package. The company’s website – – is one of the most comprehensive resources for design and specification of accessible bathroom and toileting. White papers, guides to specification, installation ‘top tips’, CAD blocks, video, and renders are all available for download free of charge.