Balcony fire-safety remediation project in London, 3D & CGI concept artwork crucial to planning

The construction industry continues to be driven by the urgent need to remediate multi-storey, multi-occupancy buildings, with many leaseholders facing severe levels of uncertainty regarding the fire safety of their homes. Aluminium has proven to be an ideal solution, offering many building owners a cost-effective and future-proof alternative. We spoke to Richard Izzard, managing Director of aluminium decking manufacturer AliDeck, to find out more about a recent remediation project in London.

There are thousands of buildings across the UK currently in need of improved fire safety standards following the Grenfell disaster. With Building Regulations under continual review, meeting the demands of compliance requires precise attention to detail.

River View Heights in London, located on the south bank of the River Thames, is a beautiful apartment block with some unique details in the external walls. Distinctive Juliet balconies alongside curved walk-on balconies create a bespoke presentation.

The timber decking on the existing balconies was in dire need of replacement. The building owner took the pro-active decision to switch to aluminium, a non-combustible and fire-safe material, preventing any future remediation to the balconies.

High-end concept artwork proves the case for AliDeck aluminium decking

An in-depth proposal for the replacement of the combustible material, included the use of 3D animations and CGI renders to demonstrate the design, functionality, and versatile nature of the AliDeck System.

This concept artwork also proved that the use of AliDeck boards in the Juliet frontages would allow for the visual styling of the building to be uncompromised, a crucial factor due to the prominent location in a key conservation zone near Tower Bridge.

Richard Izzard, managing director of AliDeck, said,

“As the curved Juliet balconies on the building are highly bespoke this was no easy feat. Thankfully, our first-rate design team were able to produce the visual collateral required to bring our proposal to life. Suitably reassured, the building owner felt happy to move forward with AliDeck.”

Animations highlighted how the existing, non-compliant timber decking could be removed leaving the frame in place, and how colour-matched aluminium boards could act as a direct replacement. AliDeck were able to specify the precise material required to achieve the best outcome in the most cost-effective way.

Richard continued,

“Our in-house resource for product visualisations was crucial for this project. With a 3D artist and animator in our marketing team working closely with our engineering team, the process of creating detailed renders and animations for the project proposal also managed to identify problems that wouldn’t have otherwise been picked ahead of installation.”

Helping another building become fire safe

AliDeck aluminium decking boards are fully compliant to the latest Building Standards and have a Fire Resistance rating of A2-s1, d0 & A2fl-s1, which will pass an EWS1 certification.

New drainage systems were introduced to the balconies by using drainage channels, directing rainwater away from the building and to the balcony edge for controlled evacuation, eliminating the possibility of water ingress into the building and avoiding nuisance to people below.

Richard concluded,

“Our Approved Installers, Alu-Installations Ltd, were contracted to replace the timber decking and replaced them with our aluminium decking boards. We take a great sense of joy in supporting their continued growth and success. Their first-rate level of workmanship is highlighted in the complex nature of this project.”

It’s great to see the excellent outcome on this headline project. Clearly, the close collaboration between AliDeck and all stakeholders in the planning and preparation of the works paid dividends and should be used as a template for others to work within in the future to ensure project success.