Balcony Design: Faster. Simpler. Smoother.

COACH intuitively guides you through the specification process, so you can create your balcony design in minutes. Make decisions and value engineer your balcony design in minutes, not weeks.

What does the future hold for balcony design?
Imagine a world where design turns into delivery without the stress or risk of human error.

Specifying designs can be a complex process. Often specifiers spend a lot of time creating designs that impact the overall project only to have the product value engineered and changed. Imagine a world where the original design can be visualised and created through digital tools, then the exact design is ready for manufacture and assembly working perfectly through construction.

The future of construction is digital. From onsite tools to software suites which systematically speed up and provide accurate data records and create a “Golden Thread” of information.

What is COACH?
More than 25 years’ experience of working with architects and builders has given us deep insight into what the market wants – and what helps specifiers get the results they’re looking for. Our unique online tool was born out of a desire to make compliant balcony design as simple as possible.

COACH is a free online software suite which enables you to design and specify your balconies, either from a predesigned option from our library or from scratch. COACH intuitively guides you through the progress, so within minutes you can create your full specification in a photo realistic 3D model with all the outputs you need ready to download.

Future features include auto pricing for balcony projects, BIM outputs, streamlining the design process including structural calculations and outputting designs for manufacturing machine processes. This vision includes quality control processes throughout the platform, ensuring accurate balcony design and manufacture.

COACH enables you to create compliant balcony designs faster whilst giving you all the detail you need to specify your balconies. While using COACH and once your design is complete you will get access to a suite of design information, including:

  • Downloadable BIM/CAD compatible drawings
  • NBS specification
  • Drainage considerations
  • Fire Safety information
  • Structural detailing
  • Project design report
  • And more…

This tool is perfect for use by specifiers, engineers, contractors, developers, cost consultants and more, to design and customise their balconies.

Faster. Simpler. Smoother. Balcony Design & Specification

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