Avci Architects create stunning “Eco-Lifestyle” centre

Avci Architects has designed ‘Eco-Lifestyle Center’ – a sustainable mixed-use centre in Istanbul, Turkey.

The architects have taken advantage of the fact that the site is surrounded by forest and aim to integrate the project within the landscape.

The anchor of the centre is not a traditional retailer, but a partially enclosed series of botanical gardens that celebrate nature and biodiversity with retail merging inharmoniously.

The spatial experience showcases nature while focusing on being a compelling, timeless, and sustainable concept that takes advantage of the richness of the site and its unique position in Istanbul.

Avci Architects explained the potential for true sustainability lied in creating a system of integrated resources throughout the project.

“If this one is to become a world-class sustainable retail and residential development, every decision must reflect a commitment to integrating sustainability’s Triple E’s throughout the entire site. This, we believe, is the key to unlocking the site’s true potential.”