Avant Homes declares barn owl hotel open at Broadmeadows, Durham

Housebuilder Avant Homes has given a warm welcome to an unusual neighbour at its Broadmeadows development by donating materials to create a new home for a barn owl spotted in the area.

After noticing the bird of prey roosting in a disused garage, situated between Avant Homes’ development on Browney Lane and his allotment, Alan Arckless – a local resident – contacted the sales team to seek assistance in creating a barn owl hotel. To create the box, Alan also requested assistance from the Barn Owl Conservation Network.

Alan commented: “I was quite surprised to spot the owl near my allotment and I knew I should act quickly to ensure it had a safe habitat to live in. After speaking with the Barn Owl Conservation Network I approached Avant Homes for help since the disused garage may have been demolished putting the owl in danger. I’m delighted that Avant Homes was able to donate the relevant materials as it shows its willingness to support local wildlife conservation.

“I’m hopeful that the box will be effective and that we’ll be able to help in ensuring the continuing protection of the species.”

Now built and installed at Alan’s allotment, the barn owl hotel features drainage holes for greater hygiene, and is served by a 120mm sq entrance.

Avant Homes’ North East managing director, Scott Varley, said: “We were very happy to support Alan in his mission to protect local wildlife. The barn owl hotel looks great and I hope that it will be beneficial to the local ecosystem.

“We have a lot of families living at Broadmeadows and it’s wonderful for the children to be able to see these amazing creatures first hand.”

Barn owl numbers declined in the UK by 70 per cent between the years 1932 and 1985 and the bird remains scarce in many parts of the country, making conservation efforts vitally important.

Just two miles away from the beautiful city of Durham, Broadmeadows lies within a cluster of charming villages offering a range of convenient amenities. The development offers a selection of stylish three and four-bedroom homes with prices ranging from £199,995 to £312,995.