Alternative Uses of Concrete Barriers

Construction companies use a wide range of pre-cast concrete products on project sites. Pre-cast concrete barriers are effective in protecting various kinds of properties, from commercial areas, to warehouses, and construction sites. They are available for hire or direct purchase, easy to install and move into place. Concrete barriers conform to the government’s security and safety standards.

Reputable manufacturers produce them under strict conditions. They undergo the required curing time, making them strong and resilient to withstand heavy impact.  One of the most popular among the concrete barriers is the  Jersey barrier . You often see a line of Jersey barriers on the middle of highways to separate traffic going in different directions. They are very effective in guiding people and vehicular traffic, which is among the product’s many uses.

The many uses of Jersey barriers and other concrete barriers Jersey barriers are mainly used to regulate the flow of traffic. Today there are other applications of the Jersey barriers and related concrete products, all of them towards providing security and safety to vehicles, people, property, and heavy equipment in many construction sites.  As such, here are a few of the practical uses of Jersey barriers and other pre-castconcrete barriers.

Prevent unauthorised access
When you want to restrict access to a plot of land, property, or commercial premises, you can install heavy Jersey barriers in front of the access points to stop vehicles from entering the site. The weight of the barriers placed side by side makes an immovable deterrent. Concrete Jersey barriers are perfect for long-term work on a vacant property or a specifically vulnerable site.

Restrict views
Some clients may want to keep their special projects a secret so as not to pre-empt a launch. Or you want to prevent other people from getting distracted. Aside from Jersey barriers, you can use large concrete interlocking barriers as retaining walls to create a perimeter or boundary to prevent people from looking in or intruding into the property.

Create parking bays
Concrete barriers are excellent for putting structure to open spaces. For example, you can create a temporary parking space in an open tract of land. They are useful in providing a safe place for workers, engineers, inspectors, and architects to park on a construction site.

Temporary physical defences
If there is a need to keep the soil or provide defence against flood, concrete barriers are useful. They are durable and heavy to withstand the rush of floodwater or cascading soil.

Traffic management
Although there are other types of barriers you can use for guiding traffic, concrete barriers are more helpful. They are stable and resist impact, making them difficult to shift. In many sectors and sites, you can use concrete barriers to reduce the risk of workers and pedestrians getting close to heavy vehicles and fast-moving traffic. With the barriers, you can direct traffic flow and guide vehicles away from risky areas. You can use them to control the flow and density of vehicles in construction areas and other hazardous locations.

Concrete barriers are very versatile. You can use them to provide an effective and safe security barrier, direct traffic, deter trespassing, prevent fly-tipping, and keep workers safe on construction sites.