Aldwyck reveals ambitious development plan

Aldwyck Housing Group is delighted to announce the HCA has approved the inclusion of 358 new properties in the Shared Ownership and Affordable Housing Programme 2016-2021 to be delivered within an overall development programme over that same period of a minimum of 1200 properties.

The 358 properties, contained within the programme, involves an investment of £64.4m. The delivery of the properties will be achieved with the support of recycled capital grant funding and cross subsidy from the organisation’s Market Sale developments and is not dependent upon any new Capital Grant.

As a response to government policies, Aldwyck’s development plan will focus on home ownership, offering properties across market sale (30 per cent), Shared Ownership (45 per cent) and affordable rent (25 per cent). The new homes will be built across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.

Vanessa Dockerill, deputy director of development at Aldwyck Housing Group, said:

“Our five year development plan highlights the increasing ambition of our development programme. Our plan to build at least 1,200 homes by 2021 sends out a clear statement about our intention to increase our development output and provide more, much needed, affordable homes to people across the Home Counties.”