Adding bathroom wellness to your offer

The shower toilet is one of the most innovative products in the modern bathroom and can provide housebuilders with the opportunity to optimise their offering by adding a touch of luxury to their projects. 

With a range of Geberit shower toilet solutions now available to suit any project or budget, a shower  toilet offers your buyers the ultimate cleanliness and wellbeing experience at the touch of a button.

Geberit’s AquaClean Tuma shower toilet is part of the new Geberit Select Collection range, which offers housebuilders functional, affordable and on-trend design possibilities across the mid-market. The AquaClean Tuma provides all the basic functions of a shower toilet, including WhirlSpray shower technology and Geberit’s rimless Rimfree® WC ceramic appliance.

For higher-spec projects and added-value upgrades, Geberit also offers a choice of models boasting a range of additional cutting-edge features.  The AquaClean Mera and Sela ranges, from Geberit’s premium Aspire collection, incorporate orientation lighting in a variety of atmospheric colours and integrated odour extraction to remove unpleasant odours at the source and purify the air. Other functions include gentle lady cleaning, a warm air dryer, heated toilet seats, and automatic lifting lids, all of which can be controlled by a handy remote control or app.

As your customers become ever more aware of health and wellbeing, good design and product specification in the bathroom could be the key to helping unlock better lives. And, in a competitive market, it’s never been more important for housebuilders to add value to their projects – and adding some luxury could help sustain buyer demand and unlock some real opportunities.