Add value, security and looks with Elite Verti-Crete fencing

Elite Precast introduces Elite Verti-Crete fencing and walling.

Saving both time and money Elite Verti-Crete offers strength, durability and an attractive finish that’s sure to add value to any development, as well as saving on installation time and costs.

With a choice of finishes available, Elite Verti-Crete is ideal for privacy, boundary, security and retaining walls, allowing you to use it throughout the development for a consistent look and feel, combined with economies of scale.

Made from precast concrete for unmatched durability and consistent quality. Our proprietary vertical system design outperforms traditional cast methods by dramatically improving product quality and functionality while actually reducing production and installation costs.

You’ll receive a moulded stone pattern on both sides of the wall with the look and feel of real masonry at a fraction of the cost. Beauty aside, Verti-Crete products are also more durable than wood, vinyl, or even brick walls. Our seamless solid-panel design provides structural strength and security that will last for decades, reducing maintenance costs and ‘ugly’ developments.

The unique design streamlines the installation process and allows for incredible flexibility in configuration. Unlike the hassle of precisely digging, manoeuvring, and setting traditional H-posts, Verti-Crete posts are installed over footings with rebar anchors.

After the footings are set, Verti-Crete’s hollow-core posts are set over the rebar to rest firmly on each concrete base. Panels are then set in place to fit securely within notches cast into the posts.

After each section is plumbed and levelled, the columns are filled with concrete to secure the connection between post and footing. This process results in a faster installation and the most cost efficient and secure connection available.

With the look of masonry-like concrete, the beautiful finish complements any housing development with a finish on both sides, it allows for a complete project look and sound proofing that will have house buyers lining up to buy a property.

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