Accessible entrance for community chemist

A busy healthcare hub in the centre of Leicester, Yakub Chemist offers a community pharmacy as well as home care services.  Ensuring all customers can access the facilities, the main entrance has recently benefit from a complete refurbishment.  An accessible ramp combines with a TORMAX automatic sliding door, giving clear and easy access from the street.  Powered by the compact and unobtrusive TORMAX 2201 door operator, the sliding door will deliver reliable and continuous use, efficiently welcoming customers into the Chemist.

Protecting their investment, Yakub Chemist has a service agreement with TORMAX.  Through appropriately spaced maintenance checks, the automatic entrance will continue to run smoothly and safely for many years to come.

Yakub Chemist is regarded as one of the leading pharmacy healthcare providers in the midlands and is known for its outstanding customer service.  Its primary business is the community retail pharmacy which has grown to become a lifeline to many local residents, providing a personalised service that directly meets their needs.

“We have a varied customer base with different accessibility issues, including parents with prams, wheelchair users, the elderly and infirm,” comments the Director and Pharmacist at the Chemist. “The new entrance means everyone can confidently come in and make use our services.  We have been extremely pleased with the TORMAX door which slides quietly back to create a generous opening.”

The deliberately high torque motor that powers the TORMAX 2201 door operator is capable of driving a single leaf door weighing as much as 120kg, providing an impressive opening width of up to 2000mm. Quick and easy to install, thanks to a patented component fastening system, the TORMAX 2201 offers straightforward 2-key programming to allow door opening and closing speeds to be adjusted to match increases in foot traffic or changes in weather conditions.  Measuring just 142mm x 100mm, the TORMAX 2201 operator is ideal for locations where space is tight.

TORMAX UK Ltd offers a comprehensive range of automated entrance solutions, including prestigious revolving doors, contemporary curved doors, as well as highly efficient sliding, swing and folding door systems. 

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