50 is the new 75

Attention all architects, developers and self-builders; 50 is the new 75!

Historically, a traditional sand and cement screed is specified at 75mm thick over underfloor heating. Innovations have meant that an anhydrite liquid screed can be laid at 50mm and special products as low as 40mm over underfloor heating!

This has meant many extra benefits for customers:

A reduced screed depth improves drying times. If heated after 7 days a 50mm screed can be ready to receive your final floor finish within 30 days!

The 25mm reduction in screed depth means that this 25mm can be made up elsewhere with cheaper, more thermally beneficial materials such as floor insulation.

A 50mm liquid screed will create a far more efficient floor; heating up and cooling down at a far quicker rate than a 75mm sand and cement screed.

Finally, and most importantly, when using a liquid screed there will be no voids that restrict the transfer of heat to the screeds’ surface, leading to customers benefitting from a floor that offers superior thermal conductivity and a perfectly level surface.