NWG Innovation Festival 2018

The Festival in its second year is a truly unique event, taking 12 problems societal and environmental problems and applying design thinking techniques to try to solve them in five action packed days. The focus on innovation will be mashed up with the feeling of a summer festival featuring a Marquee village and fun events every evening to engage various groups in the North East of England.

The Big Questions

2018 sees the Innovation Festival doubled in size compared to 2017 and it’s hoped that the festival will lead to some real-world innovative solutions and changes that can be brought to life – like the Newcastle Moss Tree, the water Refill campaign and the artificial intelligence projects – all of which are projects that came out of IF17 and that are making a real difference to the world right now. Here are the 13 questions that the crack teams of experts will be getting stuck into during the festival…

  • Starting from scratch – how do you create the ‘perfect’ water company?
  • Going deeper underground – can we build an underground map of the UK?
  • Smart objectives – smart devices are filling up our homes. How can we improve customers’ lives by making the most of smart technology?
  • Fans for life – how to build advocacy with our communities and customers
  • ‘Testing the water’ – how can the use of digital twins improve our future?
  • Moving on – what will the future of transport look like?
  • Green planet – how can we become a carbon positive company?
  • Smiling happy people power – how can we create a happier, more productive workforce?
  • Building blocks – how can innovation and tech improve design, construction operation and maintenance?
  • Vision of the future – how can we improve the lives of people who are visually impaired?
  • Every drop counts – how and why do we need to save water?
  • Blue Planet: teenager sprint – how can we reduce the impact of single-use plastics
  • 2019 year of green action – what can nature do for you and your business?