What You Should Know About An EICR

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What is Shou Sugi Ban cladding

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Top benefits of fire doors

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How to detect and fix water leaks on your property

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LGA responds to housing for ageing population report

Responding to a new report from the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, ‘Too Little, Too Late? Housing for an ageing population’, Cllr David Renard, LGA housing spokesman, said: “As we look to restart the housing market and build the... View Article

The future of home accessibility

While accessibility has come on leaps and bounds over the years, seven in every 10 people believe that their homes would not be accessible to wheelchair users according to a YouGov poll. With 8.2 million households also set to house... View Article

Signs that you should invest in property this year

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Five common mistakes budding property developers commit

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Ecodesign Stoves and the Clean Air Strategy

2019 Clean Air Strategy In January 2019 the UK government published its Clean Air Strategy in which it stated that that the “increase in burning solid fuels (wood and coal) in our homes (domestic burning) is having an impact on... View Article

Removing the barriers to progress

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Where was housing during the election?

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From the editor

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How to make the most of a small kitchen

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The SME Case for Self-Build

Brian Berry of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), explores how and why Government policy designed to aid self-builders can actually help SME housebuilders too. When discussing how to support small- and medium-sized housebuilders (SME), one area that is often... View Article