Brexit: NFB welcomes agreement on transition period

David Davis, secretary of state for exiting the EU, and Michel Barnier, EU chief negotiator for Brexit, said that the two sides have agreed on a “large part” of the transition agreement that will structure the “orderly withdrawal” of the... View Article

The housing industry reacts to the NPPF changes

Industry bodies have reacted to Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which is out for consultation until 10 May. The revised document urges developers to build houses more quickly, with measures to penalise... View Article

Do we need a use it or lose it approach to landbanking?

Editor of Housebuilder & Developer, James Parker looks at whether government needs to do more to get housebuilding moving. Depending on who you listen to, the number of unbuilt housing sites with planning permission is either shamefully high or scandalously... View Article

NFB says: NPPF review is a step in the right direction

The Government has published the consultation document on the revisions to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The document, made up of 17 chapters, formulates 43 questions tackling the local plan-making process and some of the more prominent barriers to... View Article

Housing market stands on shaky ground

Murray Smith, Managing Director of SiteSales Property Group, a leading residential property sales and development consultancy in London and the South East, commenting on the results of the Nationwide House Price Index, said: “A slip in growth is due to stagnation in... View Article

Could Build to Rent be the key to solving our loneliness problem?

Our society is leading to increasing issues of loneliness for both younger and older people. Residential developments designed and built around a rental model can do much to overcome that loneliness. Dominic Martin, Business Development Director of Atlas Residential, explains why this... View Article

ilke Homes CEO comments on Housing Implementation Taskforce meeting

Bjorn Conway, CEO, ilke Homes: “ilke Homes welcomes the news that the government’s Housing Implementation Taskforce met at Downing Street today. Homes England’s role is reinforced and there seems to be strengthening cross-Government commitment to dealing with the issues demonstrated by the... View Article

Carillion: the high cost of low margins

It would have been nice to have started 2018 on a high note, however the liquidation of Carillion is a catastrophe not only for the firm but the wider industry. Beyond the mayhem for the careers of the private and... View Article

Top interior design trends for 2018 – the year of texture?

In the midst of a tide of articles predicting the biggest trends for 2018, one oft-repeated word stood out: texture. Mentions of texture were scattered throughout articles published by global authorities on interior design, but each time, ‘texture’ was referenced... View Article

How contractors should respond to the Carillion collapse

Michael Gallucci, managing director of construction consultancy MPG, advises firms affected by the collapse of Carillion how to respond. When contracting on construction projects, it’s imperative to have appropriate written agreements and programmes in place. Often, contracts give both parties... View Article

GGF concerns after Carillion collapse

Following the collapse of Carillion this week Phil Pluck, GGF Group Chief Executive raises his concerns. “As the assessment of the true damage continues following the collapse of Carillion, it does raise some fundamental issues in terms of protecting both... View Article